Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean gutters?
We use backpack blowers to clean the gutters and clean the grounds afterwards. It is safe, efficient and we can guarantee our service this way. It is not a hard system to learn and there are many little tricks that help you do it a little faster and better.

Do I need equipment?
Yes, you need a 28/32 foot ladder, a good pack blower, and a clean truck or van to complete jobs. If you have a helper or 2, you will need extra ladders and blowers.

How much money will I make?
Generally, a small business owner with 1 helper will make between $650-1000 a day?

How will I get paid?
70% within 24 hours
Remaining 30% within 70 days

Is the work Flexible?
Yes, when we set up jobs we will discuss your availability and work with you to schedule it when you are free.

What if I don’t meet all of the qualifications?
If you meet almost all of them but are off on 1 or 2 then
fill out as much as you can and explain in the questionnaire.
Priority is given to the most qualified.

What times of the year do The Gutter Kings clean gutters?
We are busiest between April – June
November – January
but we clean gutters 12 months a year.

Is this a one time job?
No, we are looking to build relationships where you can do many properties in your area over and over again for us.


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