How I get paid

The pay changes for each and every job depending on how many buildings and the difficulty of the buildings(porches, height, pitch, time).
A small business owner with one helper will generally make between $650-1000 per day.
Many of our subs make more.
The great majority of the complexes we do are not difficult. The roofs are easy to walk and the buildings are close together. If you follow our system, you will get them done safely, efficiently and you will turn a nice profit each time you do a job for us.

We have all different size complexes from 4 buildings to over 200 buildings. We generally sub-out the jobs that can be done in one day(7 hours) by 2 men, but if you can handle bigger jobs, we will provide them. Some of our subs have 2 or 3 helpers and do 40+ building complexes. It all depends on what you can and want to handle.

How do you get payment?

Before starting, I will provide the pricing and information for a particular job.
After completion, usually 1 day unless it is very large, we will pay you 70% within 24 hours.

We can pay you by:

  • Paypal, Cashapp, Zelle
  • Direct vendor payment into your bank account
  • Check or Credit Card

The day you complete the job you will email us approximately 15 pictures of the complex being done.

The last 30% is paid within 7 days. That allows us time to inspect the work if needed, make sure the client is happy and address any issues. If you follow the system and leave it clean there won’t be any issues.

Fill out the questionnaire and we can send you actual complexes and payments schedules that past sub-contractors have done.

How i get Paid


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