How it Works

After you fill out the questionnaire and meet the qualifications we will contact you and answer any questions you may have.

As a sub-contractor for The Gutter Kings, all you have to worry about is cleaning the gutters.
We handle all the contracts, scheduling, payment and communication.
Generally, we meet with subcontractors at a complex we are already doing near them.
You can come out, watch and learn for about 60 – 75 mins. One of our guys will show you our gutter cleaning system and teach you exactly how we do it along with all the tricks of the trade so you can be safe, efficient and the quality of work can be duplicated by you.

Once you are good to go, we are going to give you your first job. We wil let you know the exact amount you will be paid and everything about the job including a map, pictures of the buildings, and any helpful notes we have on that job.

The work is flexible and done multiple times a year. The more you can handle, the more jobs we will provide.


If you think this is something you are interested ​in​, please fill out our questionnaire  and check out my short videos which will answer any of your questions.

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